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Professional Development

In addition to the various events hosted by the Central Coast Section, virtual professional development opportunities are available here.



The Sonata is our newsletter, with three editions each year: Exposition, Development, and Recapitulation. Each edition contains articles written by CCS members. Previous editions of the Sonata are archived here. If you have an article you would like to submit for a future edition of the Sonata, contact the current Sonata editor.


General Meeting and Fall Inservice Day

Each semester, we get together for our general meetings. General Meetings are typically fairly informal occations with a little bit of meeting type content, and a lot of social fun. We meet at a resturant in our section to eat and chat with other members of the section. Feel free to bring your spouse too. To RSVP for the general meeting, email Maria Carney. RSVPs are not required; however, they are greatly appreciated as they help with planning.

The Fall Inservice begins several hours before the Fall General Meeting at a nearby school and typically involves music education specific discussions and sharing of best practices. For more information, see the calendar.



Links to professional organizations relevant to Central Coast Section members, including NAfME, CMEA, and others are available here.

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